We're a Church that:

Offers A Personal Encounter With Jesus
Many people love God but at times have become discouraged or disillusioned with "church". We want to offer:
Freedom: to move freely in worship, the word, and the gifts 
Growth: in the word of God 
Unity: to be one in the body of Christ

Believes in Giving
Many people love to give to God but they resent the schemes that religious groups use to raise money, etc. If you give to this ministry, we will be:

Honest: to use the money for the furthering of God's Kingdom 
Report: quarterly, on our progress 
Faithful: to give a portion of the tithe given to us

*Remember our tithes & offerings are worship to God. Funds are not "income only," they are worship and must not be considered a business transaction but as an expression of gratitude toward God.

Upholds Efficient Church Government
Many godly people have become disillusioned with church politics and church business meetings because they can see the carnality that arises in these settings. Life in Christ Church consists of:

Leadership: strong pastoral leadership & leaders in various areas 
Advisory Committee: meets together and prayerfully makes decisions 
External Pastor: to mentor Senior Pastor

*Because of this balance, believers are free to grow in faith and in relationship within the body without the burden of an over-extensive church government.

Believes in Simplicity
Many godly people have tried to make worship, reading the Bible, and knowing Christ an impossible task. But we at Life in Christ offer:

Simple Worship: we worship in Spirit & in Truth 
Simple Teaching: we teach in modern day language 
Simple Preaching: we preach only from the Word of God-the Bible

*Because of this balance, believers are free to grow in faith and in relationship within the body, without the burden of an over-extensive church government.

Believes Jesus Is Head
Many godly people think they have to be accountable to a people or church. Since Christ is the head of the church, people need to be accountable to Him. So we at Life in Christ see that:

The Church: it's not a building-it's "us" God's children 
Members: need to seek God first, family second, and then the church 
Gifts: come from God and are used for His glory

*Anyone is considered a member of Life in Christ Church if they participate in membership classes, attend our church, and give as God leads them.

*We need to remember that the church does not save, heal, or restore people-God does!

Allows Freedom
Many godly people have found themselves in a legalistic religious dwelling after attending what they thought to be the right church. We at Life in Christ want to offer the freedom that Christ offers--the freedom to choose and participate in:

To receive or reject Christ: salvation is a free gift, no pressure 
Make decisions: nothing is forced upon anyone 
To participate: in services, communion, baptisms, offerings, etc.

*Remember we do have FREEDOM to make decisions but we also have the freedom to receive the consequences or the benefits of those decisions.

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